Turkey - Citizenship Program

Get Passport: (3 – 4 Months)
Investment Amount: ($400,000)
CBI Type: (Real Estate)

Turkey Second Passport

Turkey’s Second Passport – Basically, Turkey is a Muslim country with an impact on the east and the west. With its location in the heart of the world between Asia and Europe. Similarly, Turkey is known for the best climatic zone and popular destination for leisure and business activities. Although, Turkey Citizenship Program attracts entrepreneurs and families to get a chance to invest in Turkey and therefore, settle in or establish their business in the country.

Turkish Citizenship: Requirements

Under the new regulations in Turkey, foreigners who satisfy at least one of the below- mentioned requirements are able to apply for Turkish citizenship:

Purchase a property at least 400,000 USD valued and attached annotation at land registration not to sell this property for 3 years

Invest at least 500,000 USD and make a commitment to hold the amount of deposit for three years at banks operating in Turkey.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Visa-free travel across 111+ destinations including Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore
* One of the major tourist attraction
* Applicant and their family members are granted to enjoy all benefits of a citizen
* Having Turkish citizenship gives you eligibility to apply for an E-2 Investor Visa
* No minimum residency requirement
* Access to luxury lifestyle and world-class education & healthcare
* Turkey is among the world’s strongest countries in terms of economy
* Access to the world’s best education & healthcare system.

Facts about Turkey

However, The Republic of Turkey is located partly in Europe and Asia.
* The total area of the country is 783,356 km2
* Certainly, The capital of Turkey is Ankara
* Turkish is the official language
* In addition, The estimated population of Turkey is 82,989,352 in 2019
* The dominant religion in the country is Islam
* GDP is expected to be $706.237 billion
* Furthermore, The currency of the country is the Turkish Lira (TRY)
* The Prime minister of the country is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan since 2014.