Malaysia Study Visa

\Malaysia is an excellent country to study in. Students here enjoy high-quality education and can obtain foreign degree qualifications from universities in Australia, the UK, and the US at a comparatively lower cost than studying in these countries. The cost of living is lower too without compromising the quality of life. The country is generally peaceful, and you’ll feel safe living in this nation. It’s comfortable too plenty of amenities and facilities are offered by and around most colleges and universities.

One of the best reasons to study in Malaysia is the affordable tuition fees. While tuition prices are course-dependent, studying in Malaysia allows one to receive almost the same quality of education compared with other more developed countries.

Malaysia is also an affordable country to live in. Compared to many other nations, monthly rent is considerably cheaper – it’s still possible to obtain a non-sharing room with an attached bathroom for RM500 monthly. Of course, accommodation prices will be even lower if you don’t mind having roommates.

Food is affordable too. If you’re not keen to cook or your accommodation doesn’t have kitchen facilities, a simple hawker meal costs about RM5 to RM8, depending on your area. Additionally, public transportation such as the LRT, buses, and trains are inexpensive, so you’ll be able to move around easily.