Germany Study Visa

Germany is considered an attractive study destination worldwide. On a global comparison the Federal Republic ranks fourth on the list of the most popular countries among international students. Some 13 percent of all students at German universities came from abroad in 2018. And there are plenty of reasons for that.

Employers worldwide value German degrees. And there is a huge range of courses on offer: Germany boasts more than 400 higher education institutions with over 19,000 different study programmes. Whether you want to study medicine, environmental engineering, robotics, agricultural sciences or peace and conflict research.

Every years sees new, innovative, practice-based and above all international study programmesare launched in Germany. In Berlin, for example, the new “Code University” was opened in 2018. Here, founder Thomas Bachem outlines how they want to train the creative digital class of the future.

Moreover, since 2014 German and international students at state universities have not had to pay study fees – only a small semester fee is charged. As you can see, studying in Germany is not only highly diverse, but also virtually free of charge.